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In 2021, the Singapore-based spin-off company intobyte Pte. Ltd. was founded to undertake commercial activities in the context of computational modelling, with a focus on using the simulation software CityMoS.

To combine beyond state-of-the-art modelling and simulation research with parallel computing techniques to deliver answers to a wide range of mobility related what-if questions by enabling large-scale and multi-layered transport system evaluation and exploration at high resolution, for both industry and academia.
To become an established partner and solution provider for governments and consultancies around the world to support the shift towards more sustainable and more efficient intelligent transportation systems.

Our Product

High-Performance Simulator
CityMoS is a next-generation mobility platform capable of high-performance, agent-based, microscopic simulation of city-scale transport systems at high resolution, including private, public, and commercial transport. CityMoS can be used to support the transition to electric vehicles, the design of novel intelligent transport system solutions, the introduction of new modes of public transport, or the mitigation of traffic emissions such as carbon dioxide or heat. It focuses not only on traffic patterns but on the mobility of individuals and utilises a modern computer science approach to push back the frontiers of microscopic simulation by balancing accuracy, scalability, and performance.
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Based on over 10 years of mobility research by simulation experts
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